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Cooking Minute-Summer Tomato and Mozzarella Salad by Michelle-00-without_title

Summer Tomato and Mozzarella Salad by Michelle

I grew up in an Italian food-centric household where things never truly felt alive unless everyone was pitching in for dinner and music was playing in the background. My grandmother would frequently stop by to cook us dinner on weeknights and Sunday dinner was a family requirement. I would often help my grandmother make homemade... read more →
Cooking Minute - Grilled Eggplant Stack by Brendan & Hannah

Grilled Eggplant Stack by Brendan and Hannah

Brendan Born in a small Canadian town called Durham, I was raised on traditional cooking with a bit of hungarian influence from my mothers side. My mother ran a small passion project called ‘The Food Letter’ which was a weekly mailed letter with new recipes. I used to help her cook while she created new... read more →
Cooking Minute-Zucchini, Yellow squash pasta by Alex-00-without_title

Zucchini Squash Ribbons & Fettuccine by Alex

I’m a native New Englander happy to call New York home again after a two-year stint abroad. Throughout my life, cooking and food have been very important. I love cooking with friends and hosting dinner parties. As a law student, free time is sparse, but I try to cook dinner at least a few times... read more →
Cooking Minute - Chocolate Zucchini Muffins by Abra-00-without titleB

Chocolate Zucchini Muffins by Abra

Most of my early food memories are of meals prepared by my Great Aunt Mamie. Aunt Mamie was my hungarian “Noona” In summer, when her garden was overflowing with zucchini, Aunt Mamie would shred those green buggers into every dish imaginable. But nothing could hold a candle to her Chocolate Zucchini Bread. It was my... read more →
Cooking Minute - Walnut Torte by David

Walnut Torte by David

I grew up in Lexington, KY – a smallish city in the heart of thoroughbred horseracing country. But my roots are in New York: my grandparents, parents and older brother are all originally from the Bronx. In the 1940s, my grandparents owned a bakery on Fordham Road and Jerome Avenue. Although my mother was too... read more →
Cooking Minute - Raspberry Muffins by Megan-00-without_title

Vegan Raspberry Cornbread Muffins by Megan

I am a Native New Yorker, and recent graduate of Baruch College. Growing up, my mother made dinner for my family every night. She had a real love of cooking, which I think I am slowly starting to inherit. Several years ago I decided to make the switch to Veganism, and it has been an... read more →
Authentic Cuban Black Beans by Laura

Authentic Cuban Black Beans by Laura

A few years ago, my mom taught me this quick and easy authentic home cooked recipe. I was born and raised in San Juan, PR where rice and beans was the staple of most of my meals. This is my go to recipe because it only takes me 15 minutes to make, it’s cheap (the... read more →
Cooking Minute-Lasagna by Roseanna-00B_without-title

Sweet Potato & Kale Lasagne by Roseanna

Growing up in Vancouver, a city known for its healthy lifestyle, conscious eating was instilled in me from childhood. My cooking philosophy incorporates the use of color as an integral ingredient. I use it as a guide for health—fruits and vegetables with saturated hues contain the most nutrients—as well as to be visually stimulating. Creativity... read more →

Chicken and Mushroom Marsala by Kira

I love to cook because the act of cleaning vegetables, pan-frying thinly sliced chicken breasts or just roasting broccoli just calms me. It makes my home feel like a home and gives me an opportunity to relax and center on something else outside my everyday life. There hasn’t been many pressing issues I’ve encountered that... read more →
Cooking Minute - Homemade Blueberry and Banana Pancakes by Larissa Dante

Homemade Blueberry and Banana Pancakes by Larissa

I was was raised in Canada by two culinary-competitive parents each vying for kitchen-control. Takeout meals were basically a family taboo. Modeling introduced me to authentic global cuisines, but it was my husband Manuel – trained by his Spanish/Italian/Swiss mom – who instilled in me the basics of pan-European cooking. Settling down in New York,... read more →
Cooking Minute - Dark and Tsuyu by Ava

Cocktail – Dark Arashi by Ava

I approach life as a constant adventure and my work is a ever evolving response to the world around me. To me, mixing a cocktail is a lot like mixing paint pigments: you take the pure essence of several different elements and create something new and exciting by putting them together– in color or in... read more →
Cooking Minute - sashimi by Jeff

Caviar Seaweed Sashimi by Jeff

I work as a marketing manager for international non-profits but I prefer to think of myself as a dj/writer/artist type. One side pays the bills and keeps me karmakly balanced and the other makes life better. My relationship with cooking began when my mom decided she didn’t want to cook anymore and a good life... read more →
Cooking Minute-Cooking Minute - pasta by Madeline

Ricotta Lemon Zest Pasta by Madeline

I’m a native Manhattanite who currently resides in Brooklyn. I enjoy running, yoga, hanging out with dogs, and the Internet. For me, cooking is an important way of relieving stress. Like exercise it’s a a good way of getting back to the basics and focusing on your most simple needs. The ultimate goal of the... read more →
Cooking Minute -Everything But The... Smoothie by Erin

Everything But The… Smoothie by Erin

I named this smoothie after one of my favorite Ben and Jerry flavors because like the ice cream, you wouldn’t expect all these different ingredients to go together and make something so delicious. I drink this several times a week because it packs in a TON of nutrients (anti-oxidants, vitamin K, C, B, omega 3′s,... read more →
Cooking Minute -Sweet pepper fish with mashed potatoes by Christopher

Sweet pepper fish by Christopher

Christopher was born in New York City, he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts, from Marietta College and a PhD in Psychology from Sayrbook Institute in San Francisco, California. After co-founding Martha Angus Inc. and Angus Caravelli Inc., he relocated to New York City, where he is currently based. Christopher’s photography has been exhibited in... read more →
Cooking Minute - winter vegetable pizza by Naomi

Winter Vegetable Pizza by Naomi

Naomi is a graphic designer and art director who dabbles in event planning and gardening in Brooklyn. This food lover has no idea where to eat dinner in New York City. She’s been preparing 3 meals a day for most of her life and swears by her CSA vegetables. Check out her food blog for... read more →
Cooking Minute - From crudite to soup of the day by Dovanna

From crudite to soup-of-the-day by Dovanna

Living in New York, working in residential real estate sales & loving every square foot. Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan of Latvian background. I learned from the simplicity of the Latvian kitchen that the taste of good produce is already there! No need to « torture » your food. I prefer the ultra-ancient method of... read more →
Cooking Minute chicken soup with kale by Natacha

Chicken soup with kale by Natacha

21st Century child Playful, curious, mercurial, Natacha Horn is constantly observing her surroundings, outlining details and uncovering rhythms and images, exposing the beauty and poetry in everyday occurrences and sharing them through her multiple artistic collaborations. When asked how or where she gets it from, Natacha replies : “I didn’t learn to do what I... read more →
Cooking Minute-hamburger with Pierre

Sirloin Burger by Pierre

Today, Pierre is Oscar de la Renta’s personal Chef… But to get there, he had to continuously learn the art of cooking around the Globe. Everything started in Belgium, his country of origin. Pierre loved as a kid to spend time with his grandmother in the kitchen and in the vegetable garden. It has been... read more →
Cooking Minute-tomato & courgette with Antoine

Tomatoes & Zucchinis by Antoine

I’ve always cooked, since I was a kid. At that time I tried a bunch of weird combinations such as mixing jam with cream and mustard to make a sauce. I can not remember the taste, but apparently it has marked my father. Later when I was studying cinematography, I cooked for my girlfriends to... read more →
Cooking Minute-waterzooi with Fabrice

Poultry Waterzooi by Fabrice

De mes débuts dans la cuisine de grand-mère le samedi après l’émission de cuisine hebdomadaire à mes études et ma carrière dans la restauration, je suis tombé dans la marmite de la bonne bouffe et je n’en suis jamais ressorti. J’ai découvert le monde et les gens à travers la cuisine. Ma cuisine préférée est... read more →
Cooking Minute-Spicy Lamb with Joyce

Spicy Lamb by Joyce

I was born in Singapore – where gastronomy is the main topic on everyone’s mind. Spoilt for choice,sometimes choosing what you wanted to eat proved really tough indeed! I trained as a nurse there and worked in the pediatric high dependency unit until I met a film director there (my husband) and started travelling with... read more →
Cooking Minute-hamburger with Antoine

Chicken Burger by Antoine

I’ve always cooked, since I was a kid. At that time I tried a bunch of weird combinations such as mixing jam with cream and mustard to make a sauce. I can not remember the taste, but apparently it has marked my father. Later when I was studying cinematography, I cooked for my girlfriends to... read more →

Cucumber Soup by Charline

I’m an artist photographer, filmmaker and designer. Born in Belgium in Namur, I live and work in Brussels. Since my early childhood I have had an eye for the beauty of colors and harmony of shapes. After a career in film set design, I have decided to focus on my own artistic output. I hope... read more →