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Cooking Minute - Dark and Tsuyu by Ava

Cocktail – Dark Arashi by Ava

I approach life as a constant adventure and my work is a ever evolving response to the world around me. To me, mixing a cocktail is a lot like mixing paint pigments: you take the pure essence of several different elements and create something new and exciting by putting them together– in color or in... read more →

Cooking Minute - sashimi by Jeff

Caviar Seaweed Sashimi by Jeff

I work as a marketing manager for international non-profits but I prefer to think of myself as a dj/writer/artist type. One side pays the bills and keeps me karmakly balanced and the other makes life better. My relationship with cooking began when my mom decided she didn’t want to cook anymore and a good life... read more →

Cooking Minute-Cooking Minute - pasta by Madeline

Ricotta Lemon Zest Pasta by Madeline

I’m a native Manhattanite who currently resides in Brooklyn. I enjoy running, yoga, hanging out with dogs, and the Internet. For me, cooking is an important way of relieving stress. Like exercise it’s a a good way of getting back to the basics and focusing on your most simple needs. The ultimate goal of the... read more →