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Cooking Minute - winter vegetable pizza by Naomi

Winter Vegetable Pizza by Naomi

Naomi is a graphic designer and art director who dabbles in event planning and gardening in Brooklyn. This food lover has no idea where to eat dinner in New York City. She’s been preparing 3 meals a day for most of her life and swears by her CSA vegetables. Check out her food blog for... read more →

Cooking Minute - From crudite to soup of the day by Dovanna

From crudite to soup-of-the-day by Dovanna

Living in New York, working in residential real estate sales & loving every square foot. Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan of Latvian background. I learned from the simplicity of the Latvian kitchen that the taste of good produce is already there! No need to « torture » your food. I prefer the ultra-ancient method of... read more →

Cooking Minute chicken soup with kale by Natacha

Chicken soup with kale by Natacha

21st Century child Playful, curious, mercurial, Natacha Horn is constantly observing her surroundings, outlining details and uncovering rhythms and images, exposing the beauty and poetry in everyday occurrences and sharing them through her multiple artistic collaborations. When asked how or where she gets it from, Natacha replies : “I didn’t learn to do what I... read more →