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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Cooking Minute-hamburger with Pierre

Sirloin Burger by Pierre

Today, Pierre is Oscar de la Renta’s personal Chef… But to get there, he had to continuously learn the art of cooking around the Globe. Everything started in Belgium, his country of origin. Pierre loved as a kid to spend time with his grandmother in the kitchen and in the vegetable garden. It has been... read more →

Cooking Minute-tomato & courgette with Antoine

Tomatoes & Zucchinis by Antoine

I’ve always cooked, since I was a kid. At that time I tried a bunch of weird combinations such as mixing jam with cream and mustard to make a sauce. I can not remember the taste, but apparently it has marked my father. Later when I was studying cinematography, I cooked for my girlfriends to... read more →

Cooking Minute-waterzooi with Fabrice

Poultry Waterzooi by Fabrice

De mes débuts dans la cuisine de grand-mère le samedi après l’émission de cuisine hebdomadaire à mes études et ma carrière dans la restauration, je suis tombé dans la marmite de la bonne bouffe et je n’en suis jamais ressorti. J’ai découvert le monde et les gens à travers la cuisine. Ma cuisine préférée est... read more →

Cooking Minute-Spicy Lamb with Joyce

Spicy Lamb by Joyce

I was born in Singapore – where gastronomy is the main topic on everyone’s mind. Spoilt for choice,sometimes choosing what you wanted to eat proved really tough indeed! I trained as a nurse there and worked in the pediatric high dependency unit until I met a film director there (my husband) and started travelling with... read more →